Sustainability Goals

Our partner, Meraki Services will help an enterprise identify the most appropriate humanitarian, social, environmental or other non-profit sustainability project and strategy objectives. This will be the project or program that’s the ‘best fit’ in supporting both their brand and the level of internal customer engagement planned for.


MERAKI SERVICES - Serving with Passion and Purpose



Run a small, medium, large or multinational corporation? Lead an HR, marketing or communication department? Head a Charity, Foundation or NGO, one that’s just starting out or with a long history?

We understand your business challenges and imperatives, and we are here to deliver the sustainability strategy solutions you need.


Meraki Services – Your bespoke solution woven into the DNA of your corporate culture.


Why Sustainability?

”For companies that embrace Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are able to position this framework at the heart of their strategic considerations, the prize will be considerable”.

That’s Right. You need sustainability in your company DNA right now! Here’s WHY.

The last twenty years have seen a paradigm shift in the business environment. A raft of new initiatives now places sustainability at the heart of business operations. Sustainability in your business, once a “good to have” or even a “great to have”, is now a “must have”. 

So-called non-financial indicators, the Environmental, Social and Governance or “ESG” criteria, have become a mainstream tool within the investment community for analyzing a company’s risk profile, long-term sustainability and access to capital. It’s vital to understand too, that ESG ratings are sector specific, placing a different emphasis on each of the ‘E’, ‘S’ and ‘G’. This is why tailor-made sustainability goal strategies are so important, and this is just what Meraki Services sustainability goal solutions provide. 

On a regional level, the E.U. will very soon be implementing its own framework that puts Environmental, Social and Governance and ESG considerations at the heart of the E.U. financial system. 

Meanwhile, global initiatives, such as the U.N. led adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), have set vital targets, generating real opportunities for businesses.

Numerous institutional investors, from Dutch pension funds PGGM and APG, to the likes of Ca|PERS in the US and Cbus in Australia are increasingly seeking to align their portfolios with the ambitions of the SDGs and are channeling investments that can demonstrate robust SDG impact. Emerging financial instruments such as SDG bonds, as recently pioneered by the likes of the World Bank and HSBC, and ESG-linked loan facilities are providing yet further signals that SDG alignment has the potential to be an important determining factor in lowering the cost of capital in the long term“.

There’s longstanding evidence, based on a host of studies, that confirms the existence of the “triple bottom line”. What this means is that companies that implement sustainability programs can  expect traditional bottom line returns and economic impact. In addition, sustainability can drive stakeholder and employee engagement, perhaps gaining the company a placing on a “best place to work” listing at the same time. And then of course, sustainability programs will also generate those all important social and environmental benefits, generating positive ESG ratings.

Now  is the time to take action. Action that is more than just compliance. New strategies can engage all of your stakeholders, customers and employees and help social enterprise to realize its goals too. This is where Meraki Services is perfectly positioned to help. 


Why partner with Meraki Services?

We understand that for many companies, the experience and skills required to implement viable joint projects is not available ‘in-house’ or even at all. We bridge this gap, not just with technical know-how, but with unrivalled, hands-on passion and dedication too.

Here at Meraki Services, our role is working alongside you and your company in building a team to specify design and implement a truly transformative “Social Development Goal” or “SDG” strategy. Together, our teams will work with you to build sustainability that’s best suited to your needs, sets you apart, fully engages stakeholders and social media and really challenges the status quo.

At Meraki Services, our commitment is guiding our clients as they weave the Sustainable Development Goals into every element of their corporate culture. What makes us unique?  We are as familiar with the business metrics of KPIs, ROI and all those other acronyms as we are with the realities of day to day life in the bush. We can leverage our long-standing experience in Strategy, Business Development and Marketing. Likewise, our exceptional experience in building teams for the project “in the field” ensures that every dollar invested creates long term equity for your company. We are committed to bringing our passion to bear for the benefit of all our project partners and stakeholders no matter where you or they are in the world. Breaking down boundaries is our specialty!



Meraki Services is a consultancy that truly bridges the ‘for-profit’ and ‘not-for-profit’ sectors. Business and sustainability make up our own DNA and provide us with the unique set of tools required to implement sustainability goals in your company plans. Meraki Services builds on the deep understanding and practice of its founder Zeina Abdo, born out of many years’ experience working with and for both businesses and ‘not-for-profit’ enterprises.

The very name of our consultancy, Meraki Services, summarizes our passion and approach to our work. Meraki is in fact a Greek-Turkish word meaning that when you love doing something, you leave a part of your soul, creativity and love in everything you do, and that is exactly what Meraki Services aims to do across all its partnerships and programs. 

Our CEO, Zeina Abdo, spent her earliest childhood years until the age of nine as a native of the conflict ravaged Middle Eastern country of Lebanon. This experience, and her family’s decision to flee the country for the safety and opportunity of the United Arab Eremite (UAE), was to be the foundation for a lifelong professional odyssey. Zeina’s journey has been based around the fundamental principles of a deep love and respect for life everywhere, and always challenging one’s personal limits to achieve the seemingly impossible. 

Zeina Abdo spent twenty years in the corporate world, accumulating decades of experience in branding, marketing and international communication. True to her principles, Zeina has always understood that continuous personal learning, growth and development would always best be achieved when helping other people too. A humanitarian expedition to Nepal and pushing herself to conquer a summit at 6189m inspired her to found her first NGO, “Smile for Hope”, dedicated to providing paediatric cancer care to children in remote villages in Nepal. Expeditions to Antarctica were to follow. There, she once again pushed herself beyond what she thought were her personal limits. This served to reinforce her determination to achieve the seemingly impossible for the benefit of others. The founding of a second NGO, this time dedicated to empowering Arab women, was the result. Nine years on, the work of her NGO and her NGO dedicated to Arab women, (insert name here), continues to implement sustainable change. 

As lead consultant, Zeina Abdo has worked across the Middle East, United States, Antarctica and the Himalayas. Her work and that of the two NGOs she founded bears witness to her passion and enthusiasm for providing concrete solutions with innovative projects, and real-life experience in inspiring audiences and stakeholders. A diverse range of former and existing clients, including oil companies, colleges and Robert Swan (, have  worked with Zeina Abdo in building a sustainable world while adding value at the same time. Much of Zeina Abdo’s time is currently spent on consulting assignments for renowned multinationals and executing her roles on the advisory boards of several NGOs around the world. You can discover a little more about Zeina Abdo’s work at

Zeina Abdo’s  knowledge of both how modern business needs to work, and the practical ‘in the field’ steps required to achieve successful results in sustainability intervention programs are a rare combination. This unique skill set and degree of insight, able to span the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, is matched only by her passion to see untapped potential and sustainability truly realized. 

Zeina Abdo’s long standing passion and engagement mean that today, as the lead at Meraki Services, she is able to offer her partners the consultancy services and build teams full of commitment and knowledge. Meraki Services is able to tap into a network built over many years to put together the team appropriate for achieving your goals. We build partnerships and make sure we bring in all the skills needed to deliver on YOUR GOALS. Our unique history means that we can provide your company with the vital bridge between the ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ sectors. Our daily work at Meraki Services is designing strategies which fully integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into the client business’s corporate DNA. The most visible results are increased employee engagement, stakeholder participation and long term profitability, while at the same time successfully delivering meaningful change for their non-profit partner too. 


The way we work

Meraki Services Program design is seamlessly integrated into the client’s business strategy and planning, placing the role of the partner business’s most important stakeholder, the employee, at the center. Our firmly held belief is that the key to realizing the full potential of an entire organization as a whole, and that of any joint project, is the unlocking of employee potential, and maximizing engagement. Unlocking employee potential is a key step in unlocking the full potential of the organization as a whole, and of course, that of any joint project. Companies and their employees relish the opportunity to communicate and engage with their community. Our expertise is in the co-creation of sustainability events, training and  programs which themselves create a virtuous circle of engagement. 

The consultancy that Meraki Services provides is as an enabler, offering a bridge between corporates and existing social, humanitarian and sustainability projects. All programs are viewed very much as co-operative projects. Company and project are equal partners, with the goal being a win-win solution delivering excellent Return On Investment for both the providers and recipients of funding. As you would expect, a bespoke solution is required for every company we work with. In every case, we aim to achieve the closest possible alignment of projects and deliverables with the business’s strategic goals and mission. 

Zeina Abdo and Meraki Services are ready to partner with your organization to assist in delivering on the SDG and your own sustainability goals, building a bridge between commercial business and philanthropy, and at the same time, building a better world!


For Meraki services, the size of your business or the sector you work in is less important than the sustainability objectives you want to define and partner up to achieve. Perhaps you work in pharmaceuticals? Banking and Finance? Petrochemicals? You might be a multinational corporation. Or a small business. Or, you might be a Foundation, charity or NGO active anywhere on the surface of the globe. For all of us, sustainability is our connection, and beginning its implementation right now, is most important. Meraki Services have the experience, the passion and the dedication required to see your sustainability strategy designed and implemented.  When you partner with Meraki Services, we aim to create a viable project with and for you and ensure that it always offers the maximum return on the investment of resources that it requires. 

Even if your business or enterprise has not yet begun implementing the Sustainable Development Goals into its business model or long-term strategy, Meraki Services will assist you in developing your long-term needs and requirements. Whether you are in the ‘for-profit’ or ‘not-for-profit’ sector, Zeina Abdo, Meraki Services and its project teams have the skill sets, dedication and passion to assist you in realizing your sustainability objectives. And that’s true even if you are not 100% sure what they are before starting your journey towards sustainability. 


So, what is at the heart of all the services we offer?  Meraki Services will help an enterprise identify the most appropriate humanitarian, social, environmental or other non-profit sustainability project and strategy objectives. This will be the project or program that’s the ‘best fit’ in supporting both their brand and the level of internal customer engagement planned for. Our accumulated experience over many years is that well thought-out, designed and executed projects are able to deliver key benefits. One ever-present focus is achieving Increased employee commitment, and pride in working for a sustainable, responsible company. Measurable deliverables for this objective include the positives of higher levels of staff retention and reduced turnover, in addition of course, to longer term benefits to corporate sustainability and profitability. 


Here at Meraki Services, we realize that every sustainability program has its own unique character, challenges, and needs. The integration of any Sustainability Goal program into corporate activity can take a number of different forms. We aim to match this diversity with a flexible approach to the Services we offer clients, and a range of bespoke solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of our partners. 

Our Services can be broken down into three service levels, from a Single Initiative Program right up to deeply integrated, ‘turnkey’ solutions. Our aim is to provide you with a one-stop-shop for your engagement with sustainability and commitment towards society and humanity. 


  1. Our Single Initiative Plan is for a business or enterprise that has already committed to adopting ESG criteria and the Sustainable Development Goals within its broad strategic framework and planning, has identified a funding budget, but requires expert assistance in identifying the most appropriate partner project to invest in. Meraki Services deploy their skills and experience in first meeting this need, before actively ensuring that funds are allocated, and a communication plan drawn up to maximize ROI. 

  2. Our Second Level Plan seeks to integrate all those elements which comprise the Single Initiative Plan, but adds employee participation. This level of plan offers added value both to the client and the project overall. Meraki Services have wide-ranging experience of implementing strategies to extract the maximum benefit to the company, brand and stakeholders, in addition to the partner recipients. 

  3. Our Turnkey Service represents a comprehensive ESG - SDG strategy and execution plan. Meraki Services work closely with the client to produce a tailor-made design that seamlessly integrates into the client’s long term business strategy, with a particular focus on employee stakeholder involvement at every level. Of key importance is the development of a communications plan and strategy that conveys and fully exploits the proposed sustainability commitments. The client’s business strategy forms the mission basis, with the company vision and available resources harnessed to achieve the growth and expansion objectives. This inevitably includes the engagement and training of employees at every level, the production of reports and the necessity of leading ‘on the ground’ experiences. Meraki Services’ broad experience is used to identify ‘best fit’ existing NGOs, non-profits or causes to partner with, or broader bespoke projects that align with the client enterprise’s vision.


Here at Meraki Services, with our avowed aim of “Serving with Passion and Purpose”, we are always keen to establish long term working relationships with clients which reflect the long-term needs of both their enterprise and the requirements of their own strategy. We welcome approaches from clients new to sustainability goals . This will suit you if you wish to retain us as consultants on a longer term, retainer fee basis. In this type of relationship, we are able to first explore with the client exactly what sustainability means to their company. After this, we work to jointly produce an effective Marketing & Communications Plan, set fundraising objectives and an execution timeline covering an initial period from 1 – 3 years. For many companies, this type of deeper, longer-term involvement and commitment more accurately reflects their own planning and strategic needs. Working with us on this basis often involves a timeline including bespoke projects such as that found at our Turnkey  Service, but on an ongoing basis. Importantly, it also fosters very deep integration of sustainability objectives. It also permits the evolution of brand messaging and employee stakeholder involvement to achieve the maximum return on investment. Longer term working partnerships such as this are great not only for the sustainability of humanity and the world we live in, but offer great ESG index advantages too!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us to start discussing our bespoke solutions to your sustainability aspirations, , we look forward to working with you in the near future. 

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