Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability Consulting

Our partner, Meraki Services will help an enterprise identify the most appropriate humanitarian, social, environmental or other non-profit sustainability project and strategy objectives. This will be the project or program that’s the ‘best fit’ in supporting both their brand and the level of internal customer engagement planned for.

For more information or to engage Meraki Services, please contact Zeina Abdo.


Meraki Services is a consultancy that truly bridges the ‘for-profit’ and ‘not-for-profit’ sectors. Business and sustainability make up our own DNA and provide us with the unique set of tools required to implement sustainability goals in your company plans. Meraki Services builds on the deep understanding and practice of its founder Zeina Abdo, born out of many years’ experience working with and for both businesses and ‘not-for-profit’ enterprises.

The very name of our consultancy, Meraki Services, summarizes our passion and approach to our work. Meraki is in fact a Greek-Turkish word meaning that when you love doing something, you leave a part of your soul, creativity and love in everything you do, and that is exactly what Meraki Services aims to do across all its partnerships and programs. 

Our CEO, Zeina Abdo, spent her earliest childhood years until the age of nine as a native of the conflict ravaged Middle Eastern country of Lebanon. This experience, and her family’s decision to flee the country for the safety and opportunity of the United Arab Eremite (UAE), was to be the foundation for a lifelong professional odyssey. Zeina’s journey has been based around the fundamental principles of a deep love and respect for life everywhere, and always challenging one’s personal limits to achieve the seemingly impossible. 

Zeina Abdo spent twenty years in the corporate world, accumulating decades of experience in branding, marketing and international communication. True to her principles, Zeina has always understood that continuous personal learning, growth and development would always best be achieved when helping other people too. A humanitarian expedition to Nepal and pushing herself to conquer a summit at 6189m inspired her to found her first NGO, “Smile for Hope”, dedicated to providing paediatric cancer care to children in remote villages in Nepal. Expeditions to Antarctica were to follow. There, she once again pushed herself beyond what she thought were her personal limits. This served to reinforce her determination to achieve the seemingly impossible for the benefit of others. The founding of a second NGO, this time dedicated to empowering Arab women, was the result. Nine years on, the work of her NGO and her NGO dedicated to Arab women, (insert name here), continues to implement sustainable change. 

As lead consultant, Zeina Abdo has worked across the Middle East, United States, Antarctica and the Himalayas. Her work and that of the two NGOs she founded bears witness to her passion and enthusiasm for providing concrete solutions with innovative projects, and real-life experience in inspiring audiences and stakeholders. A diverse range of former and existing clients, including oil companies, colleges and Robert Swan (, have  worked with Zeina Abdo in building a sustainable world while adding value at the same time. Much of Zeina Abdo’s time is currently spent on consulting assignments for renowned multinationals and executing her roles on the advisory boards of several NGOs around the world. You can discover a little more about Zeina Abdo’s work at

Zeina Abdo’s  knowledge of both how modern business needs to work, and the practical ‘in the field’ steps required to achieve successful results in sustainability intervention programs are a rare combination. This unique skill set and degree of insight, able to span the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, is matched only by her passion to see untapped potential and sustainability truly realized. 

Zeina Abdo’s long standing passion and engagement mean that today, as the lead at Meraki Services, she is able to offer her partners the consultancy services and build teams full of commitment and knowledge. Meraki Services is able to tap into a network built over many years to put together the team appropriate for achieving your goals. We build partnerships and make sure we bring in all the skills needed to deliver on YOUR GOALS. Our unique history means that we can provide your company with the vital bridge between the ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ sectors. Our daily work at Meraki Services is designing strategies which fully integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into the client business’s corporate DNA. The most visible results are increased employee engagement, stakeholder participation and long term profitability, while at the same time successfully delivering meaningful change for their non-profit partner too. 


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